Special Deals: How to find the best hotels at the best prices in Sardinia

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Special Deals: How to find the best hotels at the best prices in Sardinia


One could think that special deals in Sardinia wouldn’t include luxury hotels, but fortunately, it’s not true.


It is just enough to know the uncountable promotions created by the 4 and 5 stars hotels in Sardinia to take advantage of them and come to visit this wonderful island.


Nowadays we are surrounded by so many info that often it is difficult to understand all the possibilities we have – even if it seems a paradox, but often when we receive too much information it is hard to understand and find the ones that really interest us.


Here you will find the best special deals to visit Sardinia that you can use for the next vacation or weekends.



Special Deals Sardinia – Long Stay


This special offer gives 1 or 2 free nights depending on the length of the whole stay. It is usually proposed as 7=6, for example, when paying 6 nights you stay for 7 nights, getting one for free. The same goes to 4=3, 14=10, always depending on the hotel and period.


A good choice to take advantage of long stay special offer is Arathena hotel in San Pantaleo, that offers many combinations of this deal, allowing a long weekend using the long stay offer. It propose, from September 13th to October 5th the following deals: 14=10, 8=6, 7=5 e 4=3.



Special Deals Sardinia – Honeymoon


Many couples are choosing Sardinia for their honeymoon. The mild climate and hotels with equipped SPA centers allow a relaxing stay for an unforgettable honeymoon.


The special offers in Sardinia for honeymoon begin with a 10% discount for a minimum stay of 7 days offered by hotel Aquadulci (Chia) and by Luci di La Muntagna hotel (Porto Cervo, Emerald Coast) that also presents the married couple with a champagne bottle.


The Petra Bianca hotel (Costa Smeralda) and Sporting hotel (Porto Rotondo) offer a free upgrade other than a gift.


The Stella Maris hotel greets the new married couple with a 20% discount for a minimum stay of 7 days from September 13th to November 2nd.


The Valle dell’Erica Resort created some romantic solutions for honeymoons and wedding anniversaries.

To make a honeymoon in Sardinia an unforgettable experience, it offers 3 free entrances (per person) to the Wellness center “Le Thermae”, with thalasso pool, Turkish sauna, sauna, fitness room and relax area. Plus 3 golf lessons, a gift and a Sardinian silver wedding ring for the bride.


With a minimum stay of 7 nights it is possible to buy the Plus Package Weddings & Anniversaries that includes:


Emotion (140,00 Euro per person, minimum 2 persons):

  • A romantic dinner on the beach or along the pool with oysters and shellfishes
  • Champagne moment by the pool
  • A typical dinner at Li Ciusoni restaurant
  • A photo portrait of the couple on canvas (40x40cm)
  • A piece of Sardinian typical ceramic from Cerasarda
  • President’s wine and water for the whole stay
  • Free minibar (water, non-alcoholic beverages and beer) for the whole stay
  • Free transfer to Santa Teresa Gallura
  • Late check out at 4:00 PM (or courtesy room)



Special Deals Sardinia – Over 65


Considering Sardinia has a mild climate, with some degrees over the Italian average temperatures, take advantage of these offers means enjoy great days with a pleasant weather in luxury hotels when elsewhere people is already wearing sweaters.


For people over 65 that probably is free from work that limits the available period for vacation, it is a great deal to take advantage of the inviting offers created for this public.


The Aquadulci hotel (Chia) and Luci di la Muntagna hotel (Porto Cervo, Emerald Coast) offer a 10% discount for a minimum stay of 7 nights with no period restrictions.


The Stella Maris hotel offers 20% off to over 65 for a minimum stay of 7 nights from September 13th to Vovember 2nd.



Special Deals Sardinia – Early Booking


Some hotels offer very convenient deals for those who book in advance. Considering that often the vacations are planned in advance, it is a great deal to use these early booking discounts.


An example could be Parco degli Ulivi hotel, in Arzachena. This hotel that gives special importance to its food, offers a 25% discount for those who book 60 days in advance, then 20% for bookings 40 days prior to arrival and 10% for those booked 15 days before the arrival date.


For the period until November 15th, the deal is even more inviting and so the 25% discount for the bookings confirmed by September 30th. 


The Sa Rocca hotel (Guspini) offers a 15% discount for reservations made 45 prior to arrival and 20% for those confirmed 60 days before arrival date. 



Special Deals Sardinia – No Refundable


These special deals are available with no time or length of stay restrictions and offer 5 to 20% discounts for the prepaid reservations.


One can use this offer, for example, to stay at the prestigious Cervo Hotel, in Porto Cervo square, with a 20% off in a Superior room. 



We have many other hotels that offer these special deals in Sardinia, contact us and we will be glad to inform you about all the offers so as for the last minute deals to Sardinia. 



Ana Maria Vasconcellos






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