Chia: 6 km of coast with some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches.

Chia is situated in the municipality of Domus de Maria, on the Southwestern coast of Sardinia. 51 km from Cagliari it can be reached taking road SS 195 towards Pula.

Long sandy shores, century old junipers, sand dunes, ponds today habitat of pink flamingos: Chia has a natural heritage of rare beauty.

There are also a number of archeological sites, such as Bithia, an old Carthaginian city that testifies to the fact the Chia was chosen by ancient civilizations.

Things to do in Chia

Chia boasts many attractions and is also an ideal destination for those who like a vacation full of nature and sports.

With its crystal clear sea, Chia allows you to fully enjoy the seaside. Chia is also one of the most popular and exciting spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing, being greatly exposed to winds: Gregale, Levant, Sirocco, Libeccio and Mistral are strong, especially on the beaches of Su Giudeu and Campana, famous spots for kitesurfing.

Don’t miss the boat or raft tours with itineraries that touch upon the most captivating parts of the coast, in the far south of the island. For diving enthusiasts, we recommend exploring the seabed of the area.

Chia and its surrounding area are also great for trekking or horse riding, following the numerous itineraries. There are many stables that organize horse riding itineraries, for adults and for children, for example along the Spartivento Lagoon.

Things to see in Chia

In the Chia region you will find one of Sardinia’s oldest cities: Bithia

Of Phoenician origins, and later a Roman settlement, the city of Bithia stretched from the promontory to the tower of Chia. Today you can still see the remains of the ancient city walls, some houses and the necropolis, brought to light after a sea storm in 1933.

The symbol of Chia is the Spanish tower, dating back to the 17th century. You can reach it in 5 minutes walking from the little harbor. From here you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Chia Bay.

Another amazing natural feature of Chia are the sand dunes: a coastal sand dune system with huge sandbanks. The most beautiful dunes are those of the Su Giudeu beach (in the western part) and of the Sa Colonia beach.

We strongly recommend to visit Sa Colonia pond, today a nesting place for pink flamingos and other species of birds.

Chia’s best beaches

Chia represents one of Southern Sardinia’s most beautiful coastlines, between coves and sand dunes. Among Chia’s most beautiful beaches we point out Su Giudeu beach, one of the most famous ones overlooking the Chia Bay. Golden sand, crystal clear sea, rocks that arise from the water and the famous island easy to reach thanks to its shallow waters: all these features make this beach a true paradise. It also has many facilities, a kiosk and parking.

Cala Cipolla (Onion Cove)

Cala Cipolla is a small cove, the last beach in the Chia locality. Sheltered from the wind, it has thin golden colored sand and crystal clear shallow waters. It is surrounded by Mediterranean maquis.

Sa Colonia Beach

A wide sandy beach delimited on the left by the promontory of Torre Chia, on the right by the one of Monte Cogoni. Behind, the beautiful dunes and the Chia pond. It has many facilities and kiosks to rent boats.

Campana Beach

Porto Campana beach in the territory of Chia is located between Su Giudeu and Cala del Morto.

The beach features sandy dunes covered in bushes, proving for a truly spectacular landscape.

Where to sleep

Hotel Village – Chia Laguna Resort

Hotel Village – Chia Laguna Resort * * * *

Chia  • 

The Hotel Village is a wonderful 4 star Hotel belonging to the prestigious Chia Laguna Resort and located in a strategic position near to the most beautiful beaches of the south coast in Sardinia.



Hotel Laguna – Chia Laguna Resort

Hotel Laguna – Chia Laguna Resort * * * * *

Chia  • 

The Chia Laguna Hotel is situated in a unique area and enjoys a great view over the sea of Chia which is populated by rosa flamingos, and over the famous white sand dunes.



Faro Capo Spartivento

Faro Capo Spartivento * * * * *

Chia  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 150

An exclusive guest house in the oldest Sardinian lighthouse. A few guests for an unforgettable vacation in a hidden Sardinian paradise



Aquadulci Hotel

Aquadulci Hotel * * * *

Chia  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 75

A charming hotel in an oasis of peace and tranquility, with suites only a stroll away from one of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches