Gulf of Olbia and San Teodoro

The north-eastern coast of Sardinia is scattered with many inlets housing beaches and bays that can be fully enjoyed during your holiday at one of our Olbia hotels by the sea and luxury resorts near San Teodoro bay, south of Capo Coda Cavallo and San Paolo harbor. Tourists will always find the perfect place to bathe in the sun and swim in the turquoise Tyrrhenian sea or explore the towns and natural beauties of the Gallura area.

The inlet that takes its name from the town of Golfo Aranci encompasses such shores as Cala Moresca, White Beach and Third Beach, while proceeding towards Olbia you will meet Cala Sos Aranzos, Cala Banana and Pittolongu beach. Tavolara island is a marine reserve that can be easily reached by boat and comprises Caribbean-like paradises like Spalmatore beach. There are many interesting destinations close to our hotel resorts in the Golfo Aranci area, such as the shores of Isuledda, Cala Brandinchi and the beautiful half-moon beach of La Cinta, beyond the Punta Est promontory.

Diving lovers will find, just a few minutes away from their hotels in Olbia and San Teodoro, the crystal clear water and the gorgeous sea bottoms of Tavolara and Coda Cavallo marine reserves – a one-of-a-kind sight in whole Mediterranean sea, made of multicoloured fish, algae bushes and submarine mazes of rocks. Beautiful natural sights can be enjoyed all along the coast, from Figarolo, a little island in Golfo Aranci, to Molara islands in the south.

Where to sleep

Cala Cuncheddi Hotel

Cala Cuncheddi Hotel * * * *

Olbia  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 122

A hotel built on a cliff close to a Marine reserve that offers, other than these natural beauties, a wellness center and a gym room with Technogym machines and sea view



Due Lune Resort Golf & SPA

Due Lune Resort Golf & SPA * * * *

San Teodoro  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 150

Thanks to its wonderful location, its wellness center and its golf course, the Due Lune Resort Golf & SPA is the ideal destination for exclusive holidays in Sardinia



Baglioni Resort Sardinia

Baglioni Resort Sardinia * * * * *

San Teodoro  • 

A hotel only a stroll away from the lively San Teodoro, a wonderful location, rooms with a view and a reserved area on the beach.