In a strategic position between Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura, Badesi represents an ideal destination to discover Northern Sardinia's beauties.

Badesi is a small seaside town on the Northwestern coast of Sardinia. It is located on a hill overlooking the river Coghinas, Northern Sardinia's most important river. As a matter of fact, the name probably derives from the word "Badu" in Logudorese dialect, which means Ford, probably for the fact that the locals used to cross the river Coghinas.

Surrounded by pristine nature and long white beaches, a beautiful viewpoint of the Gulf of Asinara, Badesi was declared European Heritage site because of its rich flora and unique fauna.

Things to do in Badesi

Badesi is a perfect destination to combine sports and nature.

With its kilometers long beaches often hit by Mistral wind, Badesi is an all time favorite destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers.

If you like fishing, every May Badesi hosts the “Trofeo Magrini” surfcasting competition, a type of sports fishing that takes place on the shore. And of course there are many day trips and boat tours organized from here.

There are also a number of itineraries that start in Badesi towards Marina di Badesi, for those who love walking surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean maquis and along the typical vineyards that produce the famous Vermentino di Gallura.

For those who love active tourism, the outlet of the river Coghinas offers a unique landscape with the possibility of ferry trips.

Badesi also means fun and entertainment: during the summer there are plenty of events, celebrations and food festivals, such as the famous Summer Carnival on August 13th or the “Sagra Gastronomica” food festival which takes place on August 8th, giving visitors the chance to taste local delicacies and dishes, such as the gallurese-style soup.  

We recommend trying local delicious dishes with meat or fish in any of the restaurants and agriturismo (farm house) of the area.

Things to see in Badesi


The small town of Badesi is surrounded by hills and sand dunes and borders with the fertile valley of the Coghinas river.

Badesi is nice to enjoy on foot, strolling around the four historical neighborhoods up to the Church in the middle of town called Sacro Cuore and built at the beginning of 1900.

The main residential area is Badesi Mare, full of services, fancy clubs and hotels.

Just a few kilometers from Badesi you can find many other towns worth visiting and easily accessible: a great starting point to discover Northern Sardinia.

Badesi’s best beaches


The beaches around Badesi are still quite wild and pristine, a typical feature of this area far from mass tourism.

Marina di Badesi

3 Km from the center of Badesi, Marina di Badesi is a long white sandy beach from which you can admire the Gulf of Asinara. Its shallow waters are particularly suited for children. Its central part is called Li Mindi, for the small residential area of the same name.

Baia delle Mimose (Bay of Mimosas)

Near the outlet of the Coghinas river there is a stretch of white sand and dunes where the Mediterranean maquis has grown. Since it is so wide, it does not feel very crowded. Good for windsurfing too.

Poltu Biancu

One of Badesi’s top beaches, and as the name may give away, its main feature is the bright white sand and the breathtaking colors of the sea.

Where to sleep

Le Dune Resort & SPA

Le Dune Resort & SPA * * * *

Badesi  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 98

Surrounded by a park in front of the Gulf of Asinara and a beach 8 Km long, the hotel boasts many facilities and organizes a plethora of activities: a slice of heaven for families