Costa Verde

Located in the central-western Sardinia, Costa Verde is a wonderful shore made of reefs and beaches, with many docks for boats and panoramic viewpoints. Booking a 4 or 5 star hotel in Costa Verde you will be very close to beautiful holiday resorts like Marina di Arbus and to the white sand of Torre Corsari, Piscinas, Pistis and San Nicolao.

Piscinas dunes are one-of-a-kind sights for nature lovers. These impressive downs, typical of desert landscapes, are among the highest of Europe. In the hinterland, departing from one of our Costa Verde hotels in Sardinia, there are many attractions for hikers, such as the ancient caves of Porto Flavia, Montevecchio and the astonishing Geopark of Ingurtosu.

Reaching the main tourist destinations of this area from our luxury hotels in Costa Verde, like Guspini and Iglesias, is very simple. These are very interesting small towns, with a restful atmosphere full of history and cultural traditions, with its country festivals, arts and crafts and delicious cooking. Those who enjoy surfing and playing water sports can’t miss the chance to ride the amazing waves that break upon this side of the island.

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