Early Booking in Sardinia: why it is so convenient

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Early Booking in Sardinia: why it is so convenient


Many travelers begin to become smarter and search for the always more convenient rates offered by the hotels for those who decide to book in advance.


The terminology early booking clearly explains its meaning and it is widely used by Italian hotels and resorts.


Many years ago, when travelling to Sardinia meant travel mainly by ship, tourists began to book the ships in January and, consequently, booked also the house or hotel right from the very first months of the year.


Nowadays people travel to Sardinia mainly by plane, considering the wide choice of domestic and international connections during Summertime; and so people forget to take advantage of the great rates one can have booking in advance for the Summer vacations in Sardinia.


There are different early booking discounts, each hotel takes its own decisions. The common denominator is that early booking is always convenient.


The prestigious 4 and 5 stars hotel chain Delphina Hotels & Resosrts, in Sardinia, offers a 15% discount to all reservations made by February 28th, and 10% discount for those booked by March 31st.


The Delphina Hotels & Resorts have 8 hotels, all located in the wonderful area of north Sardinia called Gallura. Places like Asinara Gulf or the famous Emerald Coast are among the destinations where is possible to find a Delphina hotel and take advantage of early booking ates.


The hotels of this chain offer different choices that aim to satisfy the widest kinds of customers who look for a high quality vacation in one of the most attractive destinations of Europe during Summertime.


In Santa Teresa Gallura  there’s Valle dell’Erica, in front of the Natural Park of La Maddalena archipelago, it has a high quality SPA & Thalassotherapy center, other than exclusive suites with private pool.


In the old fisher’s village called Isola Rossa (Red Island) there is Marinedda Thalasso & SPA, a 4 star hotel just 250 meters from the beautiful beach of Marinedda.


The Cala di Falco hotel is located in Cannigione, a few meters from the beach; the Cala di Lepre Hotel & Spa instead is just 3 km from Palau, in front of La Maddalena archipelago.


The Resort Le Dune has three 4 stars hotels and is located inside a 280.000 sqm park in front of Asinara Gulf;


The Capo D’Orso hotel has 2 beaches and a sail ship to take their guests to know the La Maddalena archipelago and the Relax Torreruja hotel is close to Isola Rossa and has a wonderful sea water pool.



Wonderful Sardinia hotel collections is made with the best hotels in Sardinia and, other than the ones from Delphina chain, WS offers the early booking discounts also for another hotels and resorts such as:


Parco degli Ulivi hotel, in Arzachena, that offers many discount options with early booking: for reservations confirmed 60 days prior to arrival, a 25% discount; 25% for those confirmed by March 31st; 25% for October/November reservations made by August 31st and 15% booking 30 days before arrival date.


The Aquadulci hotel, in Chia, offers a 5% discount for those who book by March 15th; the new   Resort Cruccuris, in Villasimius, gives a 15% discount for those who make a reservation by February 28th and 10% by April 15th. It is possible to have always a 5% booking 30 days prior to arrival.


The Sporting Hotel, in the cute Porto Rotondo, offers a 20% discount for booking before February 28th, 15% before April 30th and 10% for those who book prior to May 31st.


The Capo Testa hotel, in Santa Teresa Gallura gives a 20, 15 and 10% discount for reservations made by, respectively, February 28th, March 31st and April 30th.


The peculiar Luci di La Muntagna hotel, located in the famous Porto Cervo, gives a 10% discount for reservations made by Feb.28th and 5% for those confirmed by March 31st (but with some restrictions regarding the dates).


The 5 star Colonna Resort hotel, located in Cala Granu, Porto Cervo, offers 20% discount for all bookings confirmed prior to Feb.28th, 15% for those prior to March 31st and 10% for those reservations confirmed by April 30th.


The Arathena hotel, in the cute San Pantaleo, offers the following discounts for early booking:


25% for all reservations confirmed by Feb.28th, 20% for all reservations confirmed by April 30th, 20% for all reservations confirmed from May 1st to June 30th for a minimum stay of 7 nights between Sep.1st and October 3rd and 10% for all reservations confirmed by May 1st to June 30th for a minimum stay of 3 nights from September 1st to October 3rd.


The Paradise Resort, in San Teodoro, inside the Marine Reserve of Tavolara, gives 20% off for reservations made by Feb.28th and 15% off for those confirmed by April 30th. This resort offers an all-time discount of 10% for all bookings made 60 days prior to arrival.


The luxury resort l’Ea Bianca, located in the quite Cala dei Ginepri, in Emerald Coast, offer a 25% off to all bookings made 90 days prior to arrival date, together with a Wonderful Sardinia free transfer. Otherwise it is possible to have 20% booking 45 days prior to arrival date or, yet, 10% if confirming the reservation 30 days before arrival date.


Along the southeast coast of Sardinia, there is the beautiful Stella Maris hotel, just 50 meters from the beach. They offer an early booking discount of 10% for reservation made by March 31st.   


The Sa Rocca Hotel & Resort, located on the countryside of Medio campidano region of Sardinia, has great early booking deals, giving a 20% discount for those who book 60 days before arrival date (for the Club Suites a welcome drink at arrival plus a 30 minute SPA session included) and 15% off for reservations confirmed 45 days before arrival date.


To know the hinterland of Sardinia, in the heart of Barbagia region there’s the Su Lithu, that gives a 15% off on bookings made by February 28th and 10% for those confirmed before March 31st.


It’s just a question of choices, so many interesting choices in this case. With these early booking deals there are no more excuses for not visiting Sardinia this nest Summer.




Ana Maria Vasconcellos










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