The 3 Best Excursions To Do in La Maddalena

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The 3 Best Excursions To Do in La Maddalena


What are the 3 best excursions to do when visiting the archipelago of La Maddalena and its surroundings? What is it that you can’t help but see when you visit this special corner of Sardinia?


It’s nice to travel a bit aimless, letting the days go by lightly, but if we don’t visit the main things of a place we run the risk of going home with that feeling of not having done anything, of not having seen anything.


For this reason we have selected the 3 best excursions to La Maddalena that contain the main attractions of the archipelago of La Maddalena so that you can spend days doing nothing and three excursions that will give you the right satisfaction to have enjoyed a place, but also to have known it a little ‘.


La Maddalena is known mainly for the intense color of its sea. Sardinia itself has a clean, blue and transparent sea, and La Maddalena manages to excel among the excellences.





I Excursion: The Moon Valley

The first excursion we suggest is to the Valle della Luna, near Santa Teresa Gallura.


The Valley of the Moon is located on the small peninsula where we find Capo Testa. After crossing the isthmus of land, turn left and continue for about 700 m.


After passing the 2 large stones at the entrance, it seems to have moved to another world.

On the valleys, due to erosion, there are many perfectly habitable caves – and in fact you can still find hippies communities that live there even during the winter, since at the entrance of the valley there is also a source of fresh water.


The Valle della Luna is a private property, but the owner has decided to leave it open to the public. Nature has remained untouched and there are strawberry trees, myrtle and heather.




II Excursion: Excursion by sailboat

The second excursion that you can not do without is the one with the sailboats to get to know the main islands of the archipelago. The sailboat will take you to beautiful places unreachable by land.


The excursions are made with sailboats of the 60’s, 18 m long and for a group of up to 12 people. We start in the morning around 9:00 and return around 17:00. We sail between the islands of the archipelago and the north coast of Gallura, with landing and stop at Budelli, the famous pink beach.

During the trip you will be served lunch and then a snack before returning to port.


You can choose between different variants of this excursion. It can be done as a taxi boat that takes you to have an aperitif at Phi beach (according to the New York Times one of the most beautiful 10 sunsets in the world) and then serve a spaghetti on board before returning.


The most romantic of all is an aperitif sailing under the stars, followed by mooring and dinner by candlelight with fish and local vermentino, and then close in beauty with a bath at midnight.


The most exclusive choice is to rent the sailboat exclusively, for complete privacy among loved ones.


During the trip you can snorkel in the clear blue waters of the archipelago. A unique and unforgettable experience.




III Excursion: La Maddalena and Caprera, history and nature


The 3rd excursion is done by car and aims to learn about the historic center of La Maddalena and Caprera, where there is the house of Garibaldi.


Take the ferry from Palau to La Maddalena. There is a ride every half hour and during the high season, depending on the flow of passengers, even more often.


Caprera is the second island in the National Park of the La Maddalena archipelago in size, but first for the unique beauty of its coasts and beaches.

The local vegetation is also characteristic, formed by pine forests, forests of oaks, junipers and thick Mediterranean scrub where you can smell the scents of myrtle, mastic and arbutus.


Caprera is connected to La Maddalena by a bridge that leads to Garibaldi’s house, now a museum open to the public.


In Caprera there is also the famous Sailing Center of Caprera, the prestigious sailing school known throughout the world.


On the north-east side, the cliffs descend to the sea and the inlets form coves of unique beauty, such as Cala Napoletana and Cala Coticcio. They are unique colors and landscapes, but as they are in particular positions between the cliffs, you also need a ‘walk to reach the beach.

In Sardinia, it is natural to want to eat fresh fish and so, at any time of day (after 12:30) you can stop to eat in one of the most exclusive and sought after restaurants of La Maddalena, La Scogliera. Here you will find fresh fish prepared with skill by chef Simon Maringoni.  The restaurant is on the sea and you can get there by boat.




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