Just a few kilometers from Cagliari, Pula, with its gorgeous beaches and naturalist itineraries, is a perfect holiday destination all year round.

Pula is located is Southwestern Sardinia and is easily accessible thanks to its proximity to the city of Cagliari and its airport, just 37 km away along road SS 195.

There are numerous internationally renowned hotels, resorts and sports centers, which made Pula one of Southern Sardinia’s most import tourist centers.

Wandering around its narrow streets full of restaurants and boutiques, relaxing on its famous beaches, from Su Guventeddu to Santa Margherita di Pula, visiting important archeological sites, as the underwater city of Nora, the most ancient in Sardinia, and venturing into the woods of Mediterranean maquis: Pula offers all that and much more!

Things to do in Pula

Pula offers a wide range of activities to cater all needs, 365 days a year.

If you love hiking and trekking the Pixina Manna Forest offers unique landscapes, creeks, paths through the Mediterranean maquis to the waterfalls of the Rio Montixeddu river. You can reach it taking the road for Is Molas and continuing until the Pixinamanna barracks.


Rent a bike in Pula to discover its territory: there are plenty of itineraries perfect for mountain biking, or for strolling around the town’s streets, since the whole center is closed to traffic.


Since Pula is a seaside town, we surely recommend boat tours along the coast of the area’s most beautiful beaches, from the ruins of Nora all the way to Capo Malfatano. It is also possible to take sailing and windsurfing lessons.


During the summer nights the town is alive with concerts and festivals, such as “Pula Dimensione Estate” and the “Nora Jazz Festival”, which takes place in the beautiful location of the archeological site.

Finally, Sardinia’s most important religious festivity: the Festa di Sant’Efisio which takes place every year on the 1st of May. Tradition dictates that the Patron Saint of Sardinia was martyred in Nora, and for this reason the statute of the Saint is carried by a long processions of followers from Cagliari to Pula, where it arrives on the 2nd of May.

Things to see in Pula

The history of Pula is linked to one of Sardinia’s most important archeological site, Nora.

On an isthmus between two points, Punta dei Serpenti and Punta del Coltellazzo, the city of Nora was founded, according to the legend, by a hero from Spain called Norace. Today Nora is evidence of the fact that numerous important civilizations of the Mediterranean have passed through Sardinia, from the Phoenician to Punic and Roman, of which there are still remains of temples, thermal baths and patrician houses with beautiful mosaics.

Near the Nora archeological site there is the small church of Sant’Efisio, a little church dating back to the 11th century and erected on a gorgeous spot in front of the sea.


To complement the archeological site, visit the Museum of Giovanni Patroni in the center of Pula, where all the town’s artifacts are preserved and displayed.


We also recommend visiting the Nora Lagoon, where numerous species of birds nest. Next to it there is a park and care center for cetacean and sea turtles. A beautiful experience that you can complete with a delicious meal on the center’s panoramic terrace.

Pula’s top beaches

Where ever you look around Pula there are marvelous beaches accessible also on foot.

Su Guventeddu Beach

It is located just outside the town’s center, near Nora. Thin sand, crystal clear waters, and rocks that protect it on the left side. Equipped with a big parking lot, a kiosk and the possibility to rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Nora Beach

Near the archeological site of the same name, and delimited by the promontory with the Coltellazzo Tower, Nora beach has thin sand, shallow waters and is sheltered from the wind.

Cala Marina

Just a few kilometers from Pula, this cove has thin sand, shallow waters and a mixed seabed with both sand and pebble stones. Very popular with surfers.

Santa Margherita di Pula Beach

12 km from Pula, Santa Margherita beach is covered in grey sand grains with pink hues, its waters are crystal clear and not too deep. It is a perfect destination for families with children. Beautiful also for diving enthusiasts.


Continuing beyond Santa Margherita di Pula, after about 7 km,  you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Southern Sardinia, Chia Beach.

Where to sleep

Is Molas Resort

Is Molas Resort * * * *

Pula  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 48

Rooms surrounded by lush gardens, a private beach and the island's biggest golf course, for a vacation dedicated to sports and relaxation



Villa del Parco – Forte Village Resort

Villa del Parco – Forte Village Resort * * * * *

Pula  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 600

Luxury and elegance, the exclusivity of a luxury hotel, member of the 'Leading Hotels of the World', near the Thalasso Center, surrounded by the 47 hectare gardens of the famous Forte Village Resort



Pineta – Forte Village Resort

Pineta – Forte Village Resort * * * * *

Pula  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 355

Inside one of the most famous resorts in the world, exclusive rooms surrounded by a tropical garden, and 9 pools at your disposal a stone's throw from the sea



Castello Hotel – Forte Village Resort

Castello Hotel – Forte Village Resort * * * * *

Pula  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 375

Elegant and exclusive, one of the most famous resorts in the world, an oasis of peace and tranquillity, with suites only a few meters from the sea, surrounded by a fantastic scenery



Le Dune Hotel – Forte Village Resort

Le Dune Hotel – Forte Village Resort * * * * *

Pula  •  Prezzo per notte per persona € 800

Surrounded by a lush garden just a few meters from the sea, with its 21 restaurants, 9 pools and countless activities, Le Dune, member of the 'Fine Hotels & Resorts' is a perfect destination for those who want privacy and luxury.