Located in Southern Sardinia, Cagliari has the irresistible charm of a seaside city, full of life and culture, where the ancient and the modern coexist in harmony.

According to Tripadvisor’s special rating, Cagliari is the fourth best seaside destination in Italy, thanks to Poetto beach, and the dazzling nightlife that rocks the city 365 days a year.

The city’s main historical neighborhoods offer everything a tourist could wish for. The Marina is perfect to wander among nightclubs, open air restaurants and artisan boutiques. Villanova offers quiet and arts with its historical churches and the Galleria Comunale where you can see the artworks of Sardinian artists. The Castle of Cagliari, accessible by lift, boasts ancient palaces, museums and towers. It is the best panoramic spot to marvel at the port and the city from on high. Finally, Stampace, the neighborhood of merchants and artisans, with its tiny market and some churches, is one of the few areas truly spared from modernity.

Things to see in Cagliari

Cagliari’s main monuments take tourists on a journey through Sardinia’s history and art.

Among Cagliari’s most fascinating attractions we recommend the Necropolis of Tuvixeddu, open only during certain months of the year but visible also from outside. It boasts hundreds of underground Phoenician-Punic tombs, one of Europe’s biggest settlements.

We recommend visiting the Roman Amphitheater: with over 10.000 seats at the foot of the Buon Cammino hill, underground tunnels and galleries, this is certainly Sardinia’s main Roman monument.

Before visiting the Medieval monuments, we suggest a visit to the Church of San Saturnino (5th century a.D.): built in Byzantine times and style, it has Proto-Roman forms and a Greek-cross plan.

Strolling around Castello, Cagliari’s medieval neighborhood, allows tourists to visit the towers “Torre San Pancrazio” and “Torre dell'Elefante”, the Cathedral and other old palaces that represented the city’s political and administrative heart. As for Gothic-Catalan style, you can admire the Church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria, San Giacomo, the Church of San Domenico in Villanova and the Church of Sant'Eulalia in the Marina.

You can end your tour of Cagliari by visiting the Bastione San Remy, opened in 1901, which boasts a wonderful view of the sea. For arts lovers, don’t miss the Galleria Comunale in the gorgeous public gardens, where many works of art by important Sardinian artists are displayed, as well as by Italian artists belonging to several movements, such as Futurism. 

Cagliari’s top beaches

Cagliari boasts a wide range of beaches, besides the most famous one, Poetto beach, which allows tourist the live the sea without getting too far from the city and using public transportation.

Poetto Beach

Cagliari’s main beach is Poetto, a long stretch of thin sand, over 8 km, easily accessible by public transportation from the nearby Piazza Matteotti.

The first stop at Poetto (that is, the part of the beach that begins at the first bus stop here) is not recommended during the summer, as it is basically invaded by crowds from the early morning.

The next stops (the second and third) are dominated by beach resorts, the Aquila and the Lido. Paid entrance, chairs and umbrellas, all day.

From stop number four the beach is more free, with the exception of permits for kiosk owners and resorts for law enforcement employees.

Beyond stop number four, the beach is interspersed with modern and eco-friendly kiosks, in full respect of the eco-system of the beach. These kiosks are usually open from January to October.

Stops number four and five are most popular among young people, while stops number six and seven correspond to the quieter and less crowded parts of the beach.

Sant'Elia Beach and Cala Mosca

The small beach of Sant'Elia and Cala Mosca, both accessible by public transportation. Cala Mosca is a narrow stretch of sandy beach framed among the rocks.

Cala Fighera

At the end of the paved road you arrive near Cala Fighera, following a path on foot you can reach the small pebble beach of Cala Fighera. This unique beach is a destination for nudists and one of Cagliari’s gay friendly spots.

Things to do in Cagliari

Cagliari offers events and festivals all year round: live music, literature festivals, theater shows (prose, research, storytelling, theater for children), jazz concerts, eco-friendly festivals and numerous film and short film festivals.

A city just as interesting as Berlin, from a cultural point of view. For nature lovers, Cagliari also has natural parks and reservoirs.

The naturalistic itinerary from Sella del Diavolo will take you above Marina Piccola and towards the schistose cliffs of Cala Mosca beach, on a hike suitable for all.

The Molentargius-Saline Park is a natural oasis where to admire pink flamingos, inside the old salt mines of Cagliari. A captivating journey between the urban archeology, birdwatching and breathtaking views.

Cagliari has a transportation network that allows for easy travel by bus, trams or bikes (thanks to the bike lanes).

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