Sardinia in Helicopter: Transfers, Tours and Excursions

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Sardinia in Helicopter: Transfers, Tours and Excursions


Why use an Elitaxi service in Sardinia when you can transfer using a helicopter flying over the best landscapes by air?


One of these may be the reason:

  • moving faster and more efficiently, either going to play some golf, do some shopping on the other side of the island, moving to a new hotel hotel or in a new villa, or just attending a simple business trip;
  • to live an exclusive experience with family members or few close friends;
  • to get your first flight certificate in helicopter;
  • to have a different view of Sardinia, getting to see little-known landscapes, like Porto Liscia, a beach in the North of Sardinia a few kilometers from Santa Teresa Gallura.


Aerial shot of Porto Liscia, copyright Wonderful Sardinia



So, let’s fasten our seat belts and start looking at the options we have for an amazing Elicopter Tour in Sardinia. 




Elitaxi in Sardinia

A helicopter trip in Sardinia won’t take you from a place on the island to another, for example taking you from Forte Village Resort to one of the hotels in Costa Smeralda, or from Villa Las Tronas to Valle dell’Erica, but could bring you to other luxurious destinations, in both Italy and other countries, like Capri, Ischia, Forte dei Marmi, Saint Tropez, Montecarlo and Corsica.


Not only that, but you’ll also be able to get a First Flight Certificate and a lot of pleasure flights.


Elitaxi are available in Sardinia in Porto Cervo, Chia, Santa Margherita di Pula, at the Airport of Olbia (General Aviation), at the Airport of Cagliari and in San Pantaleo.



Hotels with Helipad in Sardini

The Hotels with a helipad service available present in Sardinia are here listed:


The hotels that are super close to an elitaxi structure instead are:


Credit Photo:




Transfers by Helicopter to Golf Courses

The best way to rapidly reach different golf courses in Sardinia is the aerotaxi service by helicopter, ideal even for fast in-one-day trips: starting from the morning, you’ll have all day to relax under the sun on the green lands surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, then going back to the hotel in the evening.


Aerial Shot of the Arenas Golf Club




Transfers by Helicopter for Shopping Purposes in Sardinia

Moving by Elitaxi might be the perfect solution to avoid traffic when it’s in its prime, in July and August, when moving from one side of the island to the other.

If you’re staying in Costa Smeralda and you’d like to visit the Boutique of Antonio Marras in Alghero, we can book a visit for you ASAP.

In the same way, if you’re staying in Villa Las Tronas in Alghero but you’d like to visit Costa Smeralda for shopping purposes, you might want to book a personal shopper.


If you’re staying in Costa Smeralda you might even want to spend a weekend at the Forte Village Resort visiting the luxurious boutiques.


Choices are unlimited.


Credit Photo:




Helicopter Tours and Excursions in Sardinia

An experience that you can’t miss is flying over the Arcipelago of the Maddalena getting to the isle of Santa Maria and eating lunch at the only restaurant on the whole isle, La Casitta.

Those who would like to explore even more might want to visit the French islands of Corsica, such as Isola Piana, Lavezzi and Isola di Cavallo, then reaching the amazing Bonifacio.


Another wild experience could be a trip to Barbagia, starting from Monte Ortobene, at the east of Nuoro, 955 meters above sea level, admiring all the beauties that the Gennargentu can offer, capturing with your camera some unmissable shots.


Finally, in the South of Sardinia, starting from Cagliari, different aerial outings that can range from15 minutes to a few hours can be arranged, giving you the opportunity to see the capital from the sky or wander from Villasimius to Sulcis Iglesiente.




The best 3 landscapes worth flying over

The best views you’ll be able to admire from above are:


  1. The Arcipelago of the Maddalena, a sea of infinite shades of blue and islets with granitic rocks emerging from the water.
  2. Barbagia, the hearth of Sardinia, getting a new perspective admiring Supramonte, Monte Ortobene, prenuragic villages and herds of mouflons moving through the land;
  3. Cagliari and the Sulcis, with a new amazing view on Pan di Zucchero in Iglesias, Cala Domestica in Buggerru and the Castle of Siliqua, admiring then the beautiful capital city and the long beach of Poetto from above.


Credit Photo:




Finally, in conclusion, if you need to book an Elitaxi or you would like to organize a tour by helicopter in Sardinia, contact us by clicking here.


We’ll be waiting!


Giulio Sacripanti







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