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Fashion designer Antonio Marras and his Boutique in Alghero

If you decided to spend your holiday in Alghero, visiting the atelier of fashion designer Antonio Marras is a must!

In the extremely central Piazza Civica of Alghero and inside one of the most ancient buildings of the city, you will find the exclusive boutique of the great Sardinian fashion designer Antonio Marras. It is a very special location, carefully thought down to the last detail, where the vaults frame the stylist's clothes in a perfect marriage of art and fashion.


Though described as the most French of Italian fashion designers, Antonio Marras has never hidden his attachment to his homeland Sardinia and hometown during his time as artistic director of the maison Kenzo. Antonio Marras' biography shows the great success abroad of the brand Made in Italy. Antonio Marras was born in Alghero in 1961. In 1999 he launched his first Prêt-à-porter line in Milan, immediately capturing the interest of the media and of the critics. In 2003 he goes to Kenzo as artistic director, in 2005 he opens a boutique in the prestigious Petrovskji Passage, after which in 2007 he opens another boutique in the famous Red Square. His personality also shows his interest for the arts, as he organized several exhibition and events in collaboration with the artist Maria Lai, and manufacturing costumes for theater shows.



Nonetheless, Antonio Marras has never left his Alghero. Here he creates his collections and his clothes that remind of Sardinian costumes with a modern twist and with great attention to details, often recycling and using old textiles. Along side the haute couture collections, Antonio Marras continues to create exclusive clothes manufactured by hand by talented Sardinian seamstresses in the big home-laboratory of Alghero, for the lines “Laboratorio” and “Serie Limitata”.


The boutique of Antonio Marras is opened from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 20. A visit will certainly make your holiday even more exclusive, offering personalized tailoring services, assisting you in your purchases until delivery to the hotel. And for the most important day of your life, the Marras Boutique will put its highly qualified staff at your disposal to find the perfect wedding dress .




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