Discovering wines and natural products in Sardinia

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Discovering wines and natural products in Sardinia

One of the most requested and appreciated activities of our Guests is certainly the discovery of our local natural products.


Wine cellars, olive presses, distilleries, vinegar factories, vegetable gardens, farms and cheese factories…..the food and agriculture branch is very wide and with Wonderful Sardinia you can create tailor-made itineraries with destination experts in every location in Sardinia.


Herbicide-free crops, no inorganic fertilizer, everything that the sardinian nature can offer using alternative methods that add more taste to the final product. There is no use of chemistry, neither in the production of wine, nor in olive oils or other products.



The itineraries

Through our different itineraries you will discover particular and unknown details of the different places.


You can visit the forgotten vineyards in the mountains of the Gallura region with its wild views, the old “stazzi” made out of stone, and the shepherds who make the real raw-milk cheese.


In the North and in the central area of Sardinia there are several olive tree groves that produce excellent oils, like for example the one in Bosa.


You will try the unknown aromatic white wines like the Moscato di Sorso or the Malvasia di Bosa.


Also the officinal herbs along the coasts, like the strawflower, the cardoon and their medical properties are almost unknown.


In the inland we suggest the discovery of Mamoiada, which is the beating heart of Sardinia, capital of the Cannonau and of very old traditions.


In Oristano and Cabras, land of giants and of the famous bottarga, we strongly recommend a visit to the “terra cruda” wine cellars that produce the legendary Vernaccia.


In the Sulcis area you will enjoy the old vineyards that produce the well-known Carignano and you will be surprised to discover the history of its mines.


In Villasimius there are wine varieties which are produced on the windy coast and have a nice flavour of sea.


The central idea of all the itineraries is the discovery of small restaurants that work with products of the local agriculture, wheat, ancient salami and forgotten flavours.



Discovering natural wines and natural products – why?

Regardless of the many books about the production methods or the sensory analysis, the choice of the places that we want to discover depends solely from the authenticity of the product and from the experience that it creates.

We think that going deep in a local experience is always a personal enhancement, beyond the price, the production chain, the origins or the critiques.


Nowadays more and more curious tourists fill up the wine cellars, the olive-presses and the distilleries, but also the vinegard factories, the cheese factories, the vegetable gardens and the animal farms.

Being in close contact with nature is essential because natural products come from the earth, from the season, from the hands and from the hearth of the ones who take care of the production and of the development process. They are the purest manifestation of the territory.

Passionate experts will tell you about their job taking you into a tour of the vineyard, showing you the plants and the different production process in the cellar.


Discovering wines and local natural products means discovering stories, people, unique and unforgettable dreams and flavours.



Who we work with 

Emiliano Aimi is our contact person for every tailor-made experience tour with wine & food.

Emiliano has created ad hoc itineraries in Sardinia, especially for what concerns the knowledge of natural wines and of the small local production. He looks for new producers for importers and distributors, he creates wine lists for restaurants, he also takes care of wine tasting events and eventually accompanies the visitors to the best local producers of natural wine all over Italy, which are real hidden treasures. 



Giulio Sacripanti in partnership with Emiliano Aimi





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