The 3 Best Excursions To Do in Costa Smeralda

3 migliori escursioni costa smeralda
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The 3 Best Excursions To Do in Costa Smeralda


What excursions to make in order to say that you have known the Costa Smeralda? Where to go and which places to visit to understand what makes this place such an exclusive tourist point?


Discover where the VIPs go, which beaches they visit and dive into the same sea. But also to go and see what originated this place that was created from nothing, from a dream of the Ismaelite prince Karim Aga Khan.


The Costa Smeralda  is young but also full of history, because there are archaeological finds that show how ancient this land is. A land that today allows the production of fine wines that can be tasted while you know a little more about this piece of land in the northeast of Sardinia.




1st excursion: the best beaches of the Costa Smeralda

You’re spoilt for choice, but we’ve selected the best known ones, both for their beauty and fame, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


This excursion can be done either by car or by boat (contact us for more information). You will get to know the beaches of Capriccioli, Piccolo Pevero, del Principe, Rena Bianca, Long Beach and Celvia.


The beach of Capriccioli is a real corner of paradise. Its clear waters are framed by vegetation and some stone walls and it seems to be inside a famous painting.


The beach of Piccolo Pevero can be reached on foot, after leaving your car in the parking lots near the beach of Pevero (this if you decide to go by car). This beach is home to many VIPs, once Carolina of Monaco brought her children here with their yacht Pacha and today you can meet or have neighbors of umbrellas very footballers and TV characters.


The Prince’s beach has a crystal clear sea and reddish rocks that give this beach a unique look. It’s called that because it’s said to be Prince Aga Khan’s favorite.


Long Beach is, as the name suggests, the longest beach on the Costa Smeralda. Its name in Sardinian is Liscia Ruja, but it is definitely better known as Long Beach. Frequented by many young people, due to its length, it also comfortably accommodates families and people of all ages.




2nd excursion: Get to know Porto Cervo and surroundings

Porto Cervo is the pulsating centre of the Costa Smeralda. What to see to say you know the Costa Smeralda? What are the most characteristic places to see?


We start from a pretty village near Porto Cervo, called San Pantaleo. Here, if you happen to be on a Thursday morning, there is the now famous market where you can find a bit of everything. It is very popular with the regulars of the Coast and takes place in the church square, all in granite surrounded by oleanders, which create a special atmosphere.


San Pantaleo is the most discreet Costa Smeralda, and even if you don’t go on Thursdays, it’s worth taking a walk through the small shops and artisan workshops of the village.


Then you go to Porto Cervo, where you can start with the church of Stella Maris, designed by the architect Michele Busiri Vinci in the 60’s. It is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture, with the portico of the facade supported by six monoliths and its cone-shaped bell tower.


The church of Stella Maris was consecrated in 1963 and houses the famous painting by El Greco (Domenico Theotocopulos), the Mater Dolorosa, from the 1500s, as well as the precious Neapolitan pipe organ by De Martino. On the external facade there are two sculptures by Pinuccio Sciola depicting St. Joseph and Pope John Paul II.


From the church you can see the marina and you can take a walk and maybe eat an ice cream while admiring the yachts moored in the marina. Then you go to the small square of Porto Cervo, with a compulsory photo on the wooden bridge. Here you can stroll among the boutiques of the most famous brands in the world and among the big yachts that moor here for the whole summer.


Recently the shopping area has expanded, with the Promenade du Port, an additional outdoor shopping area where you can find clothing stores, but also art galleries and niche stores.


On the other side is the Prince’s Square, another group of open-air shops where you will find other international brands.


After the walk you can finish the excursion with dinner or pizza at Pomodoro, a historic restaurant in Porto Cervo that welcomes both tourists and regulars of Porto Cervo for many years.




3rd excursion: Archaeology and Wine

Porto Cervo is located in the municipality of Arzachena, where there are important archaeological settlements.


The first site of interest is certainly the one in Malchittu, where you can see the nuraghe Albucciu with the tomb of the giants Moru and the temple of Malchittu.


Then it is worth visiting the tomb of the giants Li Lolghi, 27 meters long and considered the most well preserved tomb of the giants and certainly the largest found in Sardinia.


The tomb of the giants Coddu Vecchiu is the highest in Sardinia, with its 4 meters abundant in height.


Another point of interest is the nuraghe La Prisciona, formed by a central tower of about 6 meters in diameter and about 4 meters high.


After this dive into history, we go to toast with some delicious local wine at the winery Surrau. Here you will visit the winery with a guide, who will explain the entire process of vinification of both white and red wine produced by this winery. After that you will be seated in the beautiful veranda overlooking the green to taste the wines accompanied by bread carasau, cheese and local meats. A perfect epilogue for a day where you have known another side of the Costa Smeralda.




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