Kitesurf in Sardinia

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Kitesurf in Sardinia


What is kitesurf?


Kitesurf is the water sport that most increases regarding the number of people that practice it. It was born from the union of two amongst the most known water sports: windsurf and wakeboard. It is considered a trend now and in the near future.


This sport was spread by French and Hawaiian people at the end of 90’ years and now you can see people kitesurfing almost in every beach or lake worldwide. Their colored sails zip through all water surfaces in the world where there is a bit of wind.


 Kitesurf is based on a very simple principle: it uses the wind as a propeller. The kitesurfer, using a bar with two ropes 30 meters long, move the kite to obtain the speed and direction desired. The boards are similar to those used by wakeboarders, and today there are many different types of boards to satisfy even the most discerning kitesurfer.


The pleasure this sport gives is to water plan, draw by the wind.



Why so many people practice kitesurf?


Kitesurf is probably so attractive because…it is easy to learn. It is much easier to learn than windsurf or wave surf. Probably kitesurf attracts always more people because you can learn pretty quickly how to water plan,  jump and perform aerial  manoeuvres.


The kite has a strong vertical traction, what allows not only to reach high speed but even take off sucked in by the wind, the main emotion kitesurfers look for.


Another advantage of this sport is the fact that the equipment needed is not awkward and it is easy to be transported in the car luggage compartment, with no need to carry boards over the top of the car. It has a big advantage over windsurf, which equipment includes tree, goose-neck and extensions.


The kite can be fold and fits into a backpack. The kitesurf board is not bulking and the ropes can be rolled around the bar.


There are different kite models, but with 2 you can cover most of the wind conditions and practice kitesurf with no problems.



Are there different types of windsurf?


There are more styles.  To ride big waves it is necessary to use a mono direction board, similar to the ones used by surfers. To make some acrobatics moves the board needed is the bi direction one that are better when there are no big waves.


Water planning is called freeriding, while the kitesurf style that consider jumps and acrobatic evolutions is called freestyle. The kitesurf practiced over the waves is called wavestyle and the one on calm waters wakestyle.



What is necessary to practice kitesurf?


It is necessary to take 12/14 lessons to acquire the basic knowledge one needs for a safe and autonomous practice. Even if it is not mandatory, it is warmly recommended attend a course because kitesurf is an extreme sport anyway and, even if the equipment are safe, there are many pitfalls, especially regarding others.


Kitesurf gives fun even with low wind. The perfect wind for a beginner is the one between 12 and 14 knots. A more expert athlete is able to use, together with the right equipment, winds between 8 and 40 knots.


There are many kitesurf schools that lends the necessary equipment to practice it during the lessons and thereafter one can simply rent or acquire the equipment for him/herself.


To practice kitesurf you need:

  1. A complete kite, what means the kite plus the bar and ropes;
  2. A kitesurf board;
  3. A trapeze;
  4. Safe equipment (protection vest, helmet, diving gear, etc)



Where and when is it possible to practice kitesurf in Sardinia?


Sardinia offers the possibility to practice kitesurf from April to October. There are two locations that offer excellent position both for the wind and the local structure to facilitate the practice of this sport.



Kitesurf in north Sardinia


In north Sardiia, the reference is Porto Pollo. This cute bay has a favorable position regarding the wind that allows the practice of this sport at any level.


To reach Porto Pollo it is better to arrive or land at Olbia (port and airport) and stay in one of the beautiful hotels that are nearby Porto Pollo.


It could be the ideal occasion to a father and son vacation, as Luci di La Muntagna hotel offers a special promotion for a parent travelling with a child. The hotel is located in the famous Porto Cervo and have a wonderful panorama above the marina.

Otherwise Abi D’Oru hotel, on Marinella beach, close to Porto Rotondo and Olbia.


A third solution could be La Coluccia hotel, in Santa Teresa Gallura.



Kitesurf in south Sardinia


In south Sardinia, the best place for kitesurf is Chia. It is a wonderful beach with perfect conditions for practicing water sports such as kitesurf.


The choice here goes to Aquadulci hotel, close to Su Giuddeu (400 m), a very beautiful beach known for its sand dunes.


Contact us for more information.




Ana Maria Vasconcellos


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By G.rom18 (Kitesurf jump aerial.jgp) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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By Pediant at nl.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons








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