The 10 Things to See in Gallura…Beyond the Sea

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The 10 things to see in Gallura…beyond the sea


The sea we know is the best attraction that Gallura has to offer, but not everyone knows that in Gallura there is a great archaeological history. A real treasure just a few kilometers from the Costa Smeralda. Discover the 10 things to see in Gallura!


Those who decide to visit Sardinia starting from Gallura know that they can visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Gallura is often associated with the luxury of the Costa Smeralda, the glamour of Porto Cervo, the paradisiacal beauty of the Maddalena Archipelago. But not everyone knows that there is a treasure often unknown in the interior of Gallura, a treasure of inestimable value that deserves great emphasis and that it would be a shame to leave it there without being caught in its essence and its meaning. That’s why we decided to give light to all this with an article on the Blog at the 10 things to see in Gallura. Whether you decide to stay in an exclusive resort, a boutique hotel or a hotel by the sea, we strongly recommend that you spend an afternoon or a day visiting these secret treasures that seem to have so little relevance but that we actually jealously guard. Here is the collection of 10 pearls in Gallura (beyond the beaches and the sea) from which you can choose your favorite attractions




The Millenary Olivasters of Luras

The Olivastri of Luras have lived for thousands of years on the hills near Lake Liscia. They are real natural monuments: think that the largest reaches a height of 14 meters, a circumference of 12 meters and covers an area of about 600 square meters … and is called the Great Patriarch, the oldest olive tree in Europe. In 1991 it was declared a “Natural Monument” and included in the list of “20 Italian century-old trees”..




The Museum of Femina Agabbadóra in Luras

The Femina Agabbadòra was a somewhat controversial and mysterious figure: she was a woman who, with an olive wood hammer, put an end to the suffering of the sick. The Museum represents a real dive into a Gallura house of the past accompanied by a story that will make you understand many things about the traditions of the Gallura families.




The Smooth Lake

Lake Liscia is an artificial lake between the municipalities of Luras, Sant’Antonio Gallura and Lugosanto and is set in an incredible and very suggestive natural context. A boat trip, after visiting the Museum of Agabbadòra and the millenary olive trees is something that we absolutely recommend.




The Nuraghe Majori of Tempio Pausania

The Nuraghe Majori is a monument dating back to the Middle Bronze Age (1400 BC), made of stones of incredible size. Inside there is a colony of very small bats (Rinolophus Hipposideros) that arrive in April and migrate in October. During the archaeological excavations, ceramic forms of daily use have been found that attest to the residential function of the monument, together with that of controlling the resources of the territory. It is an imposing structure. One of the most significant of the entire Gallura territory.




Mount Limbara

In summer, a beautiful alternative to seaside tourism is represented by an excursion to Mount Limbara. Trekking routes through the granite towers and rocks with strange shapes, birdwatching, nature photography … choose your route, backpacker and we start the adventure!




The Museum of the Aggius Banditism

In the museum of banditry of Aggius is jealously preserved the history of Sardinian brigandism with important finds of that time. A vast collection of firearms and original documentation from the time of Spanish rule. A visit to this museum (unique in Italy) will whet your appetite. You will feel like returning to the era of the “far west” of our country. Signage photos, the reproduction of a police station of the time and much more await you in an unexpected setting.




The Historical Centre of Aggius

Legend has it that the “devil” lived hidden in the splendid rocky resegone behind this village (orange flag of the Italian Touring Club) just over a hundred years ago. It was from these mountains that with the sound of the drum announced bloody nights in the historic center. In fact, the country has gone through a dark period fed by terrible feuds. Today, this historic center brings back to life the atmosphere of the nineteenth century Gallura, with its cobbled streets, granite houses and its beautiful museums. You will feel like taking a dip in the past




The Valley of the Aggius Moon

Definitely one of the most beautiful views of Gallura. The view is lost up to Luras and Tempio Pausania. We recommend at least a short stop at the kiosk of the lookout, perhaps to taste a platter of meats and good local wines. Here the “rocky” nature of Gallura is at its best. You will not regret this short stop.




The Tombs of the Giants of Arzachena

Beautiful Nuragic Tomb dating back to 1400 BC consisting of a funeral chamber 30 meters long and 3 meters wide where he paid homage to the dead of the community.




Nuraghe la Prisgiona di Arzachena

Nuragic complex composed of a nuraghe surrounded by a village of huts that extends for 5 hectares. At present most of the village is still underground and the large extension suggests the dynamism and organization that had the community that lived there.


What are you waiting for come and visit us?




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