The Best Restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat

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The Best Restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat


The month of August sees the waters around Sardinia teeming with boats of all shapes and sizes: experiencing the island from the sea instead of the beach is something everyone should do at least once.  The trouble is, once you’ve tried it, it’s hard not to want to do it again.

Obviously the month of August isn’t the only time in which people choose to enjoy the beautiful Sardinia sea, whether in a dinghy, a sailboat or a yacht – the period from May to September is also extraordinary.

So, for those who still want the pleasure of enjoying lunch or dinner in an excellent seafront restaurant, we have decided to provide a selection of the best restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat from the sea.

We have deliberately restricted our choice of ​​Sardinian waters to those specifically around Gallura, since it is the most popular area as well as offering a wide variety of mooring options in both harbours and marinas, and therefore numerous restaurant choices. As such, we will be looking just at Gallura and restaurants ranging from the La Maddalena Archipelago to Olbia, passing through the world-famous Costa Smeralda.

If you are looking for a restaurant on dry land in Gallura, this article is for you: the Best Restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat.





The best restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat: the selection


For the choice of the Best Restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat we have applied objective criteria starting first of all from the location: if the restaurant is not reachable by boat from the sea it is not in our selection.

Then we took the increasingly authoritative TripAdvisor reviews into account, since it is the best-known and used review site worldwide, and if used correctly can be a very useful tool for learning about the ideal places for us.

Finally and obviously, there are the reviews presented by Wonderful Sardinia clients during these first 10 years that we have worked together.

These restaurants also have one thing in common which is the reason why they are not taken into consideration or reviewed by well-known specialized trade magazines such as Il Gambero Rosso, the Michelin Guide or the Espresso Guide. It is the fact that they are seasonal, being open only in the summer to specifically cater for those who arrive at the restaurant by sea.

Having said that, let’s now go and discover together the Best Restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat. They are presented in no particular order and with no grading or classification because they are all deserving of being in first place, each with its own individual features.




Il Paguro – Palau (Olbia-Tempio)

Enjoying a strategic position in the Palau Marina di Cala Capra and overlooking the island of Caprera and the Costa Smeralda is Il Paguro. It is an excellent à la carte restaurant specializing in both shellfish and fresh fish and its convenient location offers protection from the Mistral for those sailing in the waters of the La Maddalena Archipelago.

The Paguro combines informality and sophistication, offering refined elegance with a casual style just a few minutes by boat from the splendour of the Costa Smeralda and allowing you to take a decent and satisfying break in which you can admire your boat as you enjoy a memorable lunch.

The small port of Cala Capra facing the restaurant, offers guests who stop for lunch free mooring in the private marina for yachts up to 50 metres and at buoys for vessels over 100 metres in length.

Il Paguro is known for its Mediterranean seafood cuisine, a large shellfish aquarium, fresh fish and a selection of crudités and oysters together with an extensive wine list that ranges from the excellent Gallura cellars to the most famous national and French labels. This all guarantees a high quality experience before setting off to sail the seas of Northern Sardinia.

Address: Loc. Cala Capra, Palau

GPS coordinates: LATITUDE: N 41.168749 LONGITUDE: E 9.422005

Price Range: €50-90 per person

Opening hours:

from 13.00 to 15.00

from 19.30 to 22.00




La Casitta – Isola Santa Maria, La Maddalena (Olbia-Tempio)

A gourmet retreat on a desert island? That’s possible at La Casitta Exclusive Restaurant (and rooms). Built in 1920 simply for shepherds, it was recently renovated and now features an exclusive restaurant as well as 2 villas.

The restaurant has been chosen for the uniqueness of the location as well as the privacy it offers and the quality of its cuisine with the catch of the day (lobster, fish, seafood) but also local meats and vegetables. In addition, there are home-made desserts and liqueurs making this a restaurant just for a select few.

Charm and privacy in a restaurant overlooking one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Mediterranean: the Porto della Madonna.

Address: Isola Santa Maria, La Maddalena Archipelago

Coordinates YACHT 4117636N – 921765E

Price Range: € 180-350 per person




La Scogliera – La Maddalena (Olbia-Tempio)

On the island of Maddalena, more specifically in Porto Massimo to the North East is a magical place created out of the intuition and imagination of Andrea Orecchioni. This restaurant is home to the international jet-set where you can enjoy a culinary experience in a dream setting, among the granite rocks of the Archipelago known simply as La Scogliera.

The kitchen is managed by Chef Massimo Guzzone, who tells La Repubblica: “Our customers moor their yachts out by the buoys and then arrive at our dock. From that moment we begin to satisfy their expectations”. Those who frequent La Scogliera are already used to the best restaurants in the world, but the special mix of informality and elegance is unique to this exclusive location.

There is also a corner lounge refreshed by the sea breeze for moments of relaxation. Furthermore, the 56 m2 Upper Deck offers space for up to 40 people and is often used as a Private Area while finally there is a little gem: the Presidential Privè. This was created in 2021 as a pieds-dans l’eau dedicated to those who wish to enjoy complete privacy and catering for a maximum of 20 people, enjoying a direct view of the paradisiacal waters of the Maddalena.

Address: Loc. Porto Massimo, La Maddalena

Coordinates 41.257390380344745, 9.424795695740908

Price Range: € 150-300 per person




La Corona – Isola di Tavolara (Tavolara Island, Olbia)

The historic La Corona restaurant, recently renovated and managed by the Grillotti family is located on the uninhabited island of Tavolara in one of the world’s most beautiful and best-known marine parks.

La Corona has a twin soul: during the day the Beach and Bar Lounge is open for aperitifs, quick snacks or lunches by the sea, while in the evening it becomes a romantic atmosphere for candlelit dinners.

It offers Mediterranean cuisine, fish specialities and homemade pastries for an unforgettable experience on one of the coolest islands in the Mediterranean.

Address: Isola di Tavolara, Olbia

Coordinates: 40 ° 54′22.32 ″ N 9 ° 42′47.88 ″ E

Price Range: € 70-150 per person





This is our selection of the best restaurants in Gallura reachable by boat for you: all that is left is for us  to wish you a fantastic experience in the restaurant of your choice, and don’t forget that you can contact us by clicking here  to find out more.

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