Sardinian Holidays – Discovering Costa Rei and Villasimius

escursioni a Villasimius
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Sardinian Holidays – Discovering Costa Rei and Villasimius


Sardinia offers a wide sort of natural environments. One sole island with so many different aspects shown both with its territory but also seen in the culture of the native people.


After visiting Ogliastra, so wild and proudly loyal to its principles, we now arrive in Costa rei and Villasimius, another places rich of beautiness that are closer to the city culture of Cagliari,


Sardinian administrative center. Costa Rei and Villasimius have the great advantage of being only 60 km from Cagliari, and offer natural oasis without the need of going further. 


Just to give a quick example: in this area it is possible to practice snorkeling and admire rockfishes, stone basses amongst other fishes and maybe even a dolphin.





Arrival at Cagliari airport. Just pick up the car you booked and take to road to Costa Rei. While waiting for the hotel check-in time, just take a chance to bath in the crystal waters of Costa rei beach as it was classified as the 5th most beautiful beach in the world by the prestigious Australian Tour operator Lonely Planet?


Eat something in the surroundings and go towards the hotel, already immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of this place.


Later you can go out, eat some local fish in a local restaurant, and take a walk to know the village.





After waking up, have a generous breakfast at the hotel and visit Colostrai Oasis – considered a Pemanent Fauna Protection Oasis. An enchanted place easily visited by foot but also a perfect place to a horse riding or a bike tour. The pond is large 110 hectares, created by a depression where the sea hardly comes in because of the sand dunes. There are more than 80 bird species there. A real paradise for bird watching lovers, but also for those who appreciate a close contact with nature.


In the afternoon, to relax from the morning walk, take sun and sea bath in Scoglio di Peppino beach. This beach is characterized by a huge granite rock about 30 meters long that divides the Peppino beach from Santa Giusta beach. Legend says this beach was the favorite of a fisherman called Peppino.


The dinner can be again with local fresh fish. After all, even if you eat good fish all over Sardinia, in Cagliari area is where you find the best recipes for cooking and serving fish.





After having breakfast at the hotel, take the car and head to Villasimius. Drive for less than 20 km to get there.


Go straight to the departure point of the boat tour to Capo Carbonara Reserve Area (Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara-Villasimius). The departure is around 10:00 am and return about 5:00 pm. Do not forget cameras or smartphones with enough memory and battery to be able to take home the colors and breathtaking panoramas you’re going to see, considering many coves and beaches are only reachable by the sea.


Back from the tour take a walk around Villasimius and visit Fortezza Vecchia (Old Fortress), not far from Carbonara Cape.. This old fortress often hosts art expositions and installations. It is worthy visiting it also for the wonderful panorama over the Cagliari Gulf. It is a good observation point to see dolphins that often pass by there.


Villasimius has a simple center where to take a walk amongst local shops and find bars and restaurants where to eat or just have a drink.





Last breakfast at the hotel and it’s time to check-out. Put the luggage into the car and visit Piscina Rei evidences where you can see 22 menhir from 5000 BC.


Going ahead in south direction it is worth visiting the Castiadas old prison, a rural penal community prison from the ‘800 that became the biggest of Italy around 1950.


Depending on your flight schedule, there might be time for another bath at Timi Ama beach, in Villasimius where, due to Earth warming process, it is possible to see the crossbow fish close to the shore.


Last stop, Cagliari airport. Time to go back home, but with any excuse to justify another visit in Sardinia as soon as possible.



Ana Maria Vasconcellos




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