The 3 Best Excursions To Do in Olbia and San Teodoro

3 migliori escursioni
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The 3 Best Excursions To Do in Olbia and San Teodoro


What are the best excursions to do in Olbia and San Teodoro? What to choose to see and do in order to say that you have known a little ‘this part of Sardinia?


Olbia is a town that people like. Its port and airport make it a point of arrival and departure for those who visit the Costa Smeralda and part of eastern Sardinia.


San Teodoro is a small village with few inhabitants in winter that, in summer, becomes a popular destination for vacationers of all ages. Nightlife with the most popular discos, clubs, pizzerias, restaurants and, even there, a beautiful sea.


Here we have collected the 3 best excursions to do in this area, where you can see the best that this part of Gallura can offer you.




1st excursion: Olbia, from archaeology to shopping

Departure by car towards the castle of Pedres, from where you have a panoramic view of Olbia. Just below the castle is the tomb of the giants of su monte s’Ape, 28 metres long, the longest in Sardinia.

From here you head towards the center of Olbia. We park at Molo Brin and visit the Archaeological Museum of Olbia, located right there.

Then go up Corso Umberto on foot, where you can turn right into Via Cagliari to visit the church of St. Paul the Apostle which is supposed to date back to the late Middle Ages. The church has a dome that can be glimpsed between the buildings of the old town because it is covered with polychrome majolica dating back to the post-war period.

Arriving at the level crossing, turn right into Via San Simplicio to visit the Basilica of San Simplicio (patron saint of the city), the most important and ancient religious monument in north-eastern Sardinia.

Going down Corso Umberto you can dedicate yourself to shopping among the local shops and boutiques.

You can pick up your car and get to know some of Olbia’s beaches. The best known is Pittulongu, considered the beach of Olbia.

The other beaches are one after the other. You could also go from one to the other through the rocks, but as in some places would be a bit ‘dangerous, we recommend you take the car.

Going north, just after Pittulongu you will find The Shark (they are almost communicating), then follows the Pelican, Sea Rock and Bados, the beach of the boys. Still ahead you will find Cala Banana and Nodu Pianu. You’re really spoilt for choice.

After the sea, why not go on a relaxing shopping trip? You can stop at the Luxury Mall, an outlet that brings together major brands not only Italian, which is located on the road that leads from the port to the Costa Smeralda.

For dinner you can devote yourself to a real food and wine program. You go to eat a typical Sardinian dinner, served on a “stazzu” (ancient rural settlements now largely restored) with the possibility to attend the preparation of dishes. You can enjoy the presence of a sommelier from an Olbiese winery to explain the wine that is served. In short, a full day and certainly not to be forgotten.




2nd excursion: Tavolara Marine Protected Area

The island of Tavolara is a limestone massif overlooking the sea that you can already see when you arrive by plane in Olbia. It gives its name to the Marine Protected Area that covers the area around the island, extending from Capo Ceraso to Capo Finocchi and the territory of San Teodoro.

The Tavolara Marine Protected Area protects about 15,000 hectares of sea and about 40,000 km of coastal territory, in one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia.

The island of Tavolara with its grandeur attracts tourists who want to get to know it more closely. The boats that leave from Porto San Paolo take you to the southern end of the island, where there are also two restaurants and a bar.

In summer there is the Tavolara Film Festival, which has been attracting actors and directors and many film enthusiasts for years.

The island is owned by the Marzano family and is not totally open to the public. However, you can take a walk along the paths (created to prevent visitors from stepping on the vegetation) and visit the cemetery where the last king of Tavolara, belonging to the Bertoleoni family, who had received the title of King Charles of Savoy, is buried.

The beach near the restaurants is more pebbly, while that of the “passetto” is beautiful and ideal for children. The part towards the island of Molara has rocks on the water surface that are a dream for snorkeling enthusiasts, where there are many fish swimming in the middle of posidonia meadows.




3° excursion: Nature and local food

The third excursion we propose is the one to the pond of San Teodoro, also called Laguna di San Teodoro, recently included in the list of special conservation areas of sites of community importance (S.I.C.).

The lagoon, as well as being a paradise for birdwatching, is an ecosystem that houses a great heritage of flora and fauna. Here live the sea bass, the gilthead bream, the kingfisher, the cormorant and many other species including the pink flamingo.

On the pond there is a cooperative that organizes the tour of the lagoon in barge, with the possibility of silently approaching the birds present and admire, close enough, even the pink flamingos. The barge also stops on the beautiful beach of La Cinta, with its crystal clear blue sea and wide expanses of white sand.

Going in the direction of Olbia is worth a drive with a small walk to discover the beauty of Capo Coda Cavallo.

Then you can eat in the fish tourism Sa Pischera, where Mario will offer you many fresh appetizers with lots of roe and a delicious menu all fish-based.

Otherwise you can continue the excursion going to know the inside, towards Padru. Few houses and lots of vegetation. Padru has become famous for the many farmhouses in the area, and you’re spoilt for choice (to eat on the farm is always necessary booking).

To get to know other landscapes, continue towards Berchideddu to return to Olbia from another road with a beautiful view.




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