The 7 Water Sports to Practice in Sardinia

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The 7 Water Sports to practice in Sardinia


In July the sea water temperature begins to rise and if you decided to spend your vacation in Sardinia, we have some suggestions to live an unforgettable water vacation.


Here you will find 7 ways to practice water sports in Sardinia during your July and August vacations. You will have just to decide which to choose, if begin learning a new one or become stronger in an already known one.


Most of them are perfect for this period of the year, some others with some precautions and according to sea conditions can be practiced all over the year.


Let’s take a look, one by one:


  • Water Ski – Let’s begin with a sport that will make you speed fly over the fantastic Sardinian water often with a breathtaking panorama around you. If you’re novice, maybe you will struggle trying to stand up while the boat begins to pull; but as soon as you stand up the speed sensation is just fantastic. If you think that it is necessary to have strong arms to practice this sport, you’re wrong. It’s just a matter of equilibrium, finding the right position with your pelvis a little bit ahead and the legs lightly flexed. Step by step you will be able to stand most of the time and begin to surf the small waves and make soft curves. If you have never practiced water skiing before, consider that having a 30-40 minutes lesson a day, in 7 days you will already be able to ski and make your Sardinian vacations unforgettable. Attention: once you learn it, it can be addictive. One of the best water ski schools is Scuola Federale di Sci Nautico from Jeff Onorato, a water ski champion, called Saint Tropez Club. You will fly over the waves with Jeff that will lead you through the La Maddalena archipelago with the enchanting panorama of Caprera.


  • Surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) – Surf is one of the most known water sports in Sardinia and, as we know, it consists in riding the waves standing on a board. In more recent times, due to our Nordic friends, another style of surfing is becoming popular among water sports lovers, the Stand Up Paddle, or simply SUP. It consists in standing on a board that usually is two or three times bigger than a common surf board and using a paddle to move on the water or, even, ride waves. Even if it is also an aerobic sport, it is also very funny and gives a wide sense of freedom and well being due to the close contact with the sea and its waves. Sardinia is a great place to practice it as being an island, it is very windy. Surf can be practiced along quite all the island, but the west coast is the best for those who look for waves, especially Penisola del Sinis with Capu Mannu that due to its position facing the open sea has big waves that enchant all surfers.

  • Kitesurf – Have you ever seen flying kites over the sea? If you get a little bit closer you will see that those kites are tied to a bar guided by surfers on a board that have fun during windy days. The wind is absolutely necessary to practice this sport and if you are a beginner who is following a kitesurf certified school, you will learn that the best wind conditions are from 7-8 to 13-14 knots. Going further increases its difficulty for those who are still beginners. It is also advisable to avoid the wind that blows from the land and it is easy to understand why: it pushes onto the open sea, being difficult to come back to the beach. On the other side, neither the wind that leads to the beach is the ideal one for obvious reasons. The ideal one is the one that blows in parallel or diagonal sense. One of the best schools in Sardinia for kitesurf is the Sporting Club Sardinia in one of the most known areas among surfers: Porto Pollo beach in Palau. A special energy will wrap you arriving there, one of the most windy places in Italy other than worldwide known perfect place for all surfers. Let the wind emotions catch you!



  • Windsurf – The windsurf is a sport that needs a board and a sail that is fixed on a tree fixed on the board. The wind upon the sail allows the board to move onto the sea among the waves and reach high speed. The freedom sensation is incredible. For those who are not confident with windsurf, there are many schools in Sardinia, in many different locations, to learn the basics and begin to practice it. After the first lessons regarding the basics, the next step is to improve the technique and the physical training according to one’s ambition. The best places to practice windsurf are Santa Teresa Gallura, or Isola Rossa in north Sardinia, Penisola del Sinis on the west side and  Chia or il Poetto in Cagliari, in south Sardinia.


  • Kayak – The kayak is very funny and fascinating. As for water skiing, neither for kayak one needs any special physical training if is not planning to face hard paths, high difficult ways, ripid falls or long trips. If you just want to have fun while on vacation in Sardinia we can suggest you some schools and 5 stars hotels that put up groups of young and adult people together to go through the crystal blue waters of the north Sardinia. One of those we feel comfortable to suggest is Resort Valle dell'Erica, one of the most famous hotels of Delphina chain, that has in its kayak programs tours that make a stop in Punta Falcone, Sardinian northest point (excluding La Maddalena archipelago). You will explore some of the most beautiful panoramas of the island by the sea and have fun with the sweet rumour of the waves. In Golfo di Orosei are there are more tours with kayak, other than in the lakes or rivers to discover a less known but fascinating side of Sardinia. You can find great excursions in Lago Liscia, the biggest artificial lake of Sardinia, along Cedrino river or Coghinas river (the third longest Sardinian river). 


  • Diving – Are you curios of exploring underwater worlds discovering sea bottoms, fishes, rocks and corals? The immersions are a water activity that can become your hobby. In any hotel by the sea in Sardinia we can organize for you diving courses and immersions with the final certificate. It is possible thanks to the existing network between the many centers close to the hotels targeted Wonderful Sardinia. We feel comfortable to suggest you to stay in the Forte Village Resort, one of the most exclusive resorts in the world in Santa Margherita di Pula surroundings, where one can learn immersion and have the PADI patent – the perfect one for those who have little time but want to go back home with an immersion patent. 


  • Sail – The winds that blow in Sardinia lands are a valuable resource for sailing lovers. Pure adrenalin for those who love the open sea. Even if you’re not confident to terms such as bow, stern, goose-neck, jib or mansail don’t worry. You can easily learn them so as the technical board language. The courses are based on the level of preparation of each apprentice and are divided by different levels of knowledge. Usually they all begin by learning the fundamentals of the sail and the first techniques regarding the rigging with guided direction. Right after there are the rotates until reaching some confidence to guide the sailboat in autonomy, getting better day after day. To learn this sport in Sardinia, we suggest the Centro Velico Caprera, a sail school founded in 1967 that has formed 3 generations of sailor men.


With all these sports you just have to choose – which one do you prefer?










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