Stintino is on the Northwestern coast of Sardinia, on a narrow strip of land in front of the Island of Asinara.

Stintino was founded on a precise date: in 1885 by a few families of fisherman who were evicted from nearby Island of Asinara, following the decision by the Italian government to build there a lazaretto and the famous penal colony. Today, Stintino is one of Sardinia’s top tourist destinations, where you can combine history, nature and sea for a truly diverse holiday.

Things to do in Stintino

Stintino is a great starting point to visit the Asinara National Park.

You can reach the Island of Asinara from Porto Nuovo di Stintino. This is a protected natural area, a paradise definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Stintino. Penal colony first, today you can visit the island thanks to several types of excursions: 4×4, trekking, biking or by a little train, during which you can marvel at the uncontaminated nature, unique local fauna, such as for example, the white Asinara donkey.


Sailing in Stintino is an absolute must: full day or half day, do not miss a tour to discover the marvelous beaches and coves only accessible by boat.

The sea by Stintino offers a lot of fun for those who love wind and waves. Coincidently, every spring Stintino hosts the international windsurfing and kitesurfing contests that attracts to Sardinia the best athletes in the field.

Stintino offers young people a lot of fun and entertainment, thanks to the numerous clubs and festivals, such as the Stintino Summer Festival".

Things to see in Stintino

A few kilometers from Stintino there are the old tuna fishing nets that until the 20th century were the main economic resource of the town. Today they are a museum.

On the pier of the Mannu Port, the museum of the Tonnara (Tuna fishing nets) is divided into 6 rooms, just like the old fishing nets, and it was built to reproduce the fishermen world, from their traditional homes to fishing in the salt mines.

In the territory of Stintino there are also three important natural habitat where you can go birdwatching: Capo Falcone, Casaraccio Pilo Pond and Saline (salt mines). These areas host not only many species of birds, but some some endangered ones.

Stintino’s best Beaches

Here you can find one of Sardinia’s most beautiful and famous beaches: Pelosa Beach.

Pelosa Beach

It certainly is Stintino’s most famous beach. It is located 2 km from town, at the foot of Capo Falcone, and enjoys a marvelous landscape: in front of the Island of Asinara, delimited north by the Pelosa Tower dating back to the 1600s. A beach of rare beauty, thin sand and turquoise transparent waters.

La Pelosetta Beach

La Pelosetta beach boasts a unique landscape, being between the islands of Piana and Asinara, in front of the small Pelosa island. This is a small beach with several rocks and crystal clear water, typical of this area. It also has many facilities.

Capo Falcone Beach

Capo Falcone is the very edge of Sardinia on the Northwestern coast. It is a paradise of wild nature, with cliffs falling sheer into the sea, and where you can admire the Peregrin falcon that chose this promontory to nest. Here the Falcone Tower was erected, dating back to the 1500s. The Western coast features cliffs hit by winds, while the Eastern cost features more private coves.

Ezzi Mannu Beach

A long stretch of clear sand mixed with small stones, surrounded by dunes covered in Mediterranean maquis. There are restaurants and a big parking lot. It is easy to reach taking road SP34 towards Stintino, after 3 kilometers from the crossroad to Pozzo San Nicola you will see the signs for Ezzi Mannu.

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