Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa: an old fishermen village on a red porphyry promontory on the sea.

Isola Rossa is located in the Gallura region, within the municipality of Trinità D’Agultu and Vignola, on the Northwestern coast of Sardinia, in front of the Gulf of Asinara.

A location far away from mass tourism but just as interesting as the most famous tourist destinations of the island.

It derives its name from the small island with red rocks that is in front of the coast. Just as in the past, it is protected by the Spanish tower dating back to the 1500s, located near the harbor and the houses.

In a strategic position between Costa Paradiso and Castelsardo, Isola Rossa is a peaceful oasis where to rediscover the pleasure of taking things slow, strolling along the tourist harbor and delving into the past thanks to the numerous archeological sites, such as the Domus de Janas and the Nuraghe Bastianazzu.

And of course visit the nearby beaches, starting from the ones near the village, like Longa Beach, all the way to Marinedda beach.

Things to do in Isola Rossa

An amazing underwater world with caves and canyons, ideal habitat for sargos, groupers and red lobsters.

Isola Rossa’s waters are among the clearest and cleanest of Sardinia, with a sandy and rocky seabed ideal for diving enthusiasts.

It is a true paradise also for wind hunters: every summer since 2003, Marinedda beach, located 1.6 km from Isola Rossa, has been hosting the Frozen Open surfing competition, which attracts the world’s best surfers.

We also recommend a boat tour to the Protected Marine Area Isola dell’Asinara.


For children, and not only, we point out the water park Aquafantasy, just a kilometer away from Isola Rossa. It is located on a small hill overlooking the sea. Slides, water games and mini-club for children, but also jacuzzi pools for adults to relax.


Throughout the month of August, just 6 km from Isola Rossa in the small villages of Trinità d’Agultu and Vignola, the festival Orfeo Cinto di Mirto takes place, an event about greek mythology which brings several important artworks from the collection of Paolo Dal Bosco.

In the evenings, the village of Isola Rossa is alive with open air pubs and live music.

Things to see in Isola Rossa

Symbol of Isola Rossa, the Spanish tower that dominates the gulf was erected around 1595 on a promontory, about 35 meters above sea level.

Though not easily accessible, the hike will be rewarding: from up there you can enjoy a fantastic view stretching from the Gulf of Asinara to the coast of Corsica.


The area around Isola Rossa is full of archeological sites: particularly interesting is the Domus de janas "Conca di li Fati" (literally: the Witches’ Cave). Dug into the red granite rock typical of the area, it has two halls, with a single entrance facing south.


Nearby there is also the Nuraghe Bastianazzu or Paduledda, which can be easily reached from the town of Paduledda taking the road to La Scalitta and following the street signs to the restaurant Lu Naragu.

Charming countryside churches, such as the Church of San Pietro Martire, just outside the town of Trinità d'Agultu, or the Church of Santa Maria di Vignola.

Isola Rossa’s top beaches

Coves, granite cliffs, thin sandy beaches: Isola Rossa boasts one of Sardinia’s most beautiful stretches of coast.

Longa Beach

This is the main beach of Isola Rossa. A long sandy inlet between typical red rocks, it is located just outside this fishermen village.

Marinedda beach

This is one of the most famous beaches of the area. It can be reached by a path just before arriving in Isola Rossa. It is a sandy beach with small coves and delimited by Punta li Canneddi at its sides. A paradise with turquoise waters in stark contrast with the Mediterranean maquis that stretches all the way to the beach.

Tinnari Beach

Tinnari is one of Sardinia’s most captivating beaches. Surrounded by green nature, it is covered with porphyry pebble stones and located at the outlet of the river Riu Pirastu, in a wild and pristine natural setting typical of Costa Paradiso. Driving along road SP90, towards Castelsardo, turn right following the signs for Cala Rossa, and then for the Hotel Tinnari.

Cala Rossa

It is a sandy shore surrounded by granite stones of peculiar shape, and a seabed made of big pebble stones. You can reach it following the signs for the tourist village of the same name. When you reach the entrance you keep going left following the road that goes into the pinewood.

Li Cossi Beach

Just 10 km from Isola Rossa, this is a small beach at the edge of an inlet. Behind it, a valley with a stream, and a lush Mediterranean maquis interspersed with granite rocks. You can reach it from the village of Costa Paradiso taking a scenic hike.

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